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Nanopen Infuse
Control the automatic application of topical serums

The NanoPen® Infuse™ by Regenomedix™ is a lightweight, portable, multi-speed, rechargeable microneedling device

Nanopen Infuse Product

NanoPen® Infuse™


The NanoPen® Infuse™ by RegenOMedix™ is a lightweight, portable, multi-speed, rechargeable microneedling device that delivers 3mL of an active ingredient to the epidermis via 3 selectable needle heads depending on the requirements.

Adjustable liquid flow control

You can control the flow of the topical agents with various viscosity levels; the Infuse™ needle cartridge has 3 levels of adjustable flow. A simplified speed gear is integrated into
the cap; the higher the number, the more liquid is released from the cartridge.

The NanoPen Effectively Treats

The NanoPen Features

The process of micro-channeling stimulates collagen induction and increases the effectiveness of topical products by aiding penetration. Tiny channels are created in the epidermis and can reach the dermal level over time. Through these channels, active ingredients are delivered and absorbed deeper for optimal results. The deliberate trauma to the skin stimulates healing and increases elastin and collagen production. The epidermis naturally contracts as the channels close and the skin appears tightened and lifted.
The NanoPen® Infuse™ reaches difficult areas around the lips, nose and, eyes with more accuracy and efficacy than other devices. Optimized power from an integrated rechargeable battery with an operating time of up to three hours produces a shortened treatment time. Specialized 3mL capacity sterilized surgical titanium single-use treatment cartridges evenly penetrate the tissue without drag or skip and will not entangle hair. The NanoPen® Infuse™ is ergonomically designed for ease of use and provider comfort.

Three Kinds of needle types solve various skin issues

*Needles are disposable, safe and sanitary
Designed for acne scarring and pitting and smoothing facial stretch marks.
For fine lines around the eyes and sensitive areas like the nose and mouth.
For whitening, moisturizing, and tightening the skin. Minimize pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Automated dispensing of active agents or serum

When the proprietary cartridge makes contact with the skin, the microneedle pierces the epidermis opening thousands of fine channels and allowing the active agents or serum to be dispensed in a controlled manner. This method improves the absorption rate to 95%, higher than traditional methods. The microneedle function instigates a body reaction by putting the skin into a regenerative state, allowing it to heal itself by stimulating cell regeneration and restoring vitality, luminescence, and elasticity. Coupled with the delivery of the active agent, the patient will experience a faster response to their healing cascade.

The Infuse™ has an integrated low-power battery warning system

NanoPen® Infuse™


Product Name: NanoPen® Infuse™

Model Name: Infuse™

Purpose of use: Dermabrasion, scar reduction, acne scar revision, tattoo reduction

Dimensions: Pen body 15.3cm x 2.0cm

Weight: 80g – easy to use

Battery: Lithium polymer – 4.0 Volt – 750mA

Operation: Continuous use – 2 hours ; Recharging time – 1 hour


Variable 6-speed selectable
Speed 1: 5300 RPM/minute
Speed 2: 5450 RPM/minute
Speed 3: 5600 RPM/minute
Speed 4: 5800 RPM/minute
Speed 5: 5950 RPM/minute
Speed 6: 6100 RPM/minute

LED screen display:

Speed levels 1-6
Battery charge level

Each unit has a NanoPen®, USB charger, integrated battery, topical Hyaluronic Acid, 20 cartridges, and a 1-year replacement warranty.